Christine Gavlick

 Reiki practitioner and healer

Christine was born in France. She always was interested by Reiki, crystals and metaphysique. She is now a Reiki practitioner Level 2 having her Usui Shiki Reiki certifications Level 1 and 2.

Attuned by Tracey Ostrand, Reiki Master and Teacher in Chicago and Los Angeles who is the 10th in the lineage of Dr. Mikao Usui.

Christine has multiple diploma in Sociology, a Master in Marketing and Event Management, a certification in Nutrition, a certification in Fitness. She is also a blue belt in Seido Karate.

"Never stop learning is my motto".

At 34 years old, she needed to find her purpose in life. How the Universe and the world can use her? How she can help the world doing what she loves? Multiple signs led her to Reiki and the healing by energy.

"When I give Reiki, I give love. I truly believe that you receive what you give and what you put in the world. What I receive is pure love and energy from the nature, the Universe and the people that I heal. I'm connected to something that is much bigger than us, it's magic! I'm truly in love with giving Reiki".