1. What can I expect to feel during a reiki session?

During a reiki session, you can have different feeling. The most experienced is a deep relaxation or a feeling an amazing glowing radiance that flows through them and surround them.

You can feel energy flowing through your body, your head, your jaws. You can also feel heat or cold. Sometimes you don't feel any physical experience but just relaxation and peace. The reiki energy works and heal even you don't feel it.


2. I am pregnant, can I receive Reiki?

Of course, it is completely safe. The reiki energy is from the Higher Power so always good and can't harm anybody.


3. Can a baby receive reiki?

Yes, babies can receive reiki and they love it. It calms them and can help when they do their teeth.


4. Is reiki a religion?

No, reiki is not a religion and not affiliated to any religion. Even reiki is spiritual, patients and pratitioners don't need to have any beliefs about religion.


5. can reiki harm my body?

Reiki can only do good and can't harm anybody.


6. Are there any side effects from a reiki treatment ?

Most of the time, a person will feel calm, relaxed and uplifted after a reiki session. However, sometimes a person can have a "healing crisis". When your energy goes up, your vibrations go up and your toxins are released into your blood stream, to be filtered by the kidneys and the liver and ejected by the body. During this process, some people can have a headache or a stomach ache. I advise to drink a lot of water, to eat light meals and to rest a lot after a session.